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Co-working is great place if you want to work at a startup

"A handful of our summer interns found full-time jobs with startups within our co-working space, having met the companies' leaders while interviewing them for our company blog."

The best explanation for the popularity of coworking

“It’s a chance to have the freedom of working from home, the facilities of a real office, plus a social atmosphere and sense of community.”

More job control

"Coworking spaces are normally accessible 24/7. People can decide whether to put in a long day when they have a deadline or want to show progress, or can decide to take a long break in the middle of the day to go to the gym."

GOODWORK the most promising ICO in 2018!

GOODWORK is aimed to make a revolution in coworking industry. There is a special offer within the framework of ICO: all tokenholders choose locations of coworking cenetrs from 61 regions.

GOODWORK team have more than 15 years of working in international companies

72% of freelancers consider themselves entrepreneurs, not hired workers

GOODWORK business is based on realty and rent of work places

The growth of coworking customers is 50% per year

Coworking business model’s pay-back period is 2-3 years

Utility-tokens are listed on most large exchanges

about goodwork

GOODWORK is an ecosystem fоr remote teams. It includes a network of coworking spaces, task management system and CRM-system. The project helps co-workers to expand the borders and interact with each other from any place in the world.
The ecosystem is based on GoodWork coworking spaces. They are going to be established in those districts and cities which are chosen by most «ООО» token holders. Token holders have the right to decide where to open co-working spaces to work comfortably.

Blockchain in GOODWORK

Necessity to use blockchain technology in the framework of the GOODWORK project is due to the possibility of independent storage and the executors reputation. The system allows you to record reviews and assessments of the work of executors and ensure their transparency. This will allow selecting the best workers for a specific task, not only for users of the GOODWORK ecosystem but also for outside customers. Thus, we get the history of transactions of each employee, given the exact data on work experience, the number of mistakes made, the amount of thanks from management and much more. Thus, the customer has the opportunity to select a team of highly qualified specialized employees to implement any tasks.

  • GoodNET maintaining the reputation of executors (feedback, evaluation)
  • GoodCRM maintaining of work experience of employees (positions, companies, recommendations)

The role of «OOO» token

  • Voting for the best places
  • Exchange for coworking services
  • Payment for other coworking resident’s services
  • Secure transactions between tenants

Voting for places of opening GOODWORK spaces:

The locations of the new spaces centers will be determined using DCV voting of the token holders. DCV-mechanism (Decentralized Community Voting) for making various operational decisions.

Basic rules of DCV voting:

  • Information about voting will be available for «OOO» tockenholders at least 48 hours before voting.
  • The information on upcoming voting will be available to holders of OOO tokens at least 48 hours before the start of voting (published on the website, sent by email or otherwise transmitted).
  • If the token holder doesn’t vote by the end of voting, his/her opinion isn’t taken into account.
  • 1 token = 1 vote.

Exchange for co-working services:

  • Rent of workplaces
  • Rent of conference rooms and offices
  • Usage of Goodnet system
  • Usage of GoodCRM system
  • Other additional services

Payment for other spaces residents’ services:

GoodNet system will allow to hold tenders and choose executors among the residents of GOODWORK spaces center. At the request of both parties the system will allow to conduct a secure transaction through GoodNet. In this case, mutual payments will be made in resident’s personal account and will be converted into tokens OOO using a simple smart-contract. Systems’ commission will be 1-5% of total amount of transaction.

Geography of discoveries

The basis of the ecosystem GOODWORK is serve as workspaces. They will be established in those districts and cities which are chosen by most OOO token holders. The investors will be able to determine where to open GOODWORK spaces comfortable for their work.

Based on the results of the voting of tokenholders, cities will be selected for the possible opening of GOODWORK spaces. Any tokenholder will also be able to offer his version of the city for opening. By results of these procedures lists for opening of all kinds of spaces from Small to Large will be made.

The minimum amount of votes for the opening of each type of coworking will be determined before the start of voting.

Market capacity

There are also multi-billion corporations among them. WeWork company was established in 2010 in New York. Today it operates 229 offices in 53 cities and 16 countries.
In August 2015, in a new presentation, WeWork claimed that by 2019 its revenue would be $ 2.9 billion, and operating profit - $ 942 million.

  • The number of workers who prefer co-working spaces increases more than 50% per year
  • According to Coworking Forecast from the Global Coworking Survey, there are more than 14000 co-working spaces in the world

GOODWORK’s philosophy

We have summarized some points and named them as Goodwork’s philosophy:

  • You can’t spend more than 20 minutes to get to work

  • You should work in friendly work environment

  • Your workplace should make you enjoy your work

  • Working in office work shouldn’t do harm to the health

  • Working in office should be more productive and comfortable than working at home

Each coworking of GOODWORK is opened from the calculation of the observance of the above points. We understand that Good conditions for employees give excellent work results.

GOODWORK’s mission

Our goal is to change the global approach of employers to human labor and its conditions. The working environment should be mobile and comfortable, and people should not waste their time. Employees should receive worthy conditions, and employers have excellent work results.

In the modern world, people spend a lot of time on their way to work and back. Many companies cannot hire the best specialists, because they are willing to work only close to home or they are in another city. Many start-ups cannot afford an office with a quality infrastructure, that’s why they won’t become corporations. A number of employees have certain requirements for office space according to convenience and the interior level. The major business problem is the lack of expensive company offices for valuable employees in those places whose location is far from the main office of the company.

Large corporations have realized long time ago that the main basis of their business is people, that’s why they create incredibly convenient conditions for their employees. Smaller companies still work “in the old-fashioned way”.

Who needs GOODWORK ecosystem?

Cowоrking is actually used by people of hundreds of different professions. Among them are not only freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, but also remote teams. Every year more and more companies resort to the help of coworkers to accommodate their employees.
For small teams, the convenience of coworking lies in the ability to quickly open an office and scale it to fit your needs.

Small and medium businesses

Project teams

Distributed commands

Individual entrepreneurs

A dispersed blockchain project

Freelancers, start-ups


A total of 7 790 000 of «OOO» tokens will be issued. Of these, 4 050 800 will be available as part of the GOODWORK ICO. The rest will be used to intеgrate with the blockchain-community through the organization of the SWAP programme, Bitcoin Profit, to reward Advisors, the team, members of the Bounty programme and for the reserve.


Ethereum (ERC20)

Token name



Purchase digital services

Token pricе

0.01 - 0.03 ETH

Total supply

7'790'000 tokens

ICO supply

4'050'800 tokens


Jury.Online offers a solution for a responsible ICO. The concept is as follows: a project breaks dоwn its final goal into milestones with specified funding values and deadlines for implementation.


"I regard co-working as the most optimistic example of conducting an enterprise on our own terms."

Melissa Gregg

Principal engineer in the "Business Client Research"
and "Strategy Client Computing Group" at "Intel" Corporation

"A new economy is here, we need to bring in different tenants. Future of the anchor tenant
may be co-working offices!"

Stanley Ching

"Citic Capital’s" head of real estate group

"Microsoft is also trying out co-working. Last month, we gave 300 employees memberships
to the co-working company,"

Matt Donovan

General manager of "Microsoft Office" marketing

"IBM has leased a space in San Francisco for the past two years from a co-working company.
We are testing one of our products in this place."

Angel Diaz

"IBM’s" vice president of cloud and open tech


Aleksan Oganesyan


PhD, Senior Researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, associate Professor, author of 53 scientific articles and 8 patents

Sergey Solovian


Creation of architectural solutions, advanced interfaces, business development. Great experience in industrial design


Mohammed Thoufiq
Blockchain Enthusiast

Blockchain enthusiast,Crypto and ICO Advisor for various coins globally with a network of investors and experts also a passionate Business Development,Sales and Marketing Professional with strong business acumen, enthusiastic and highly professional approach to projects and brands, outgoing and confident. Turn

Laurent Garcia
CEO of Gocoworker

Founder and CEO of Gocoworker (2017) and AECIS (2013), the first communal organization for talents. Strong experience in crowdworking, entrepreneurship and decentralization. Turn

Ignas Januška
Marketing, PR specialist

Professional marketer with working experience in international corporations. Expert in marketing and PR, strategic planning and sales. Crypto currency investor and trader. Analyst of ICO strategy. Turn


The project is constantly on the lookout for Advisors, whose activities are related to blockchain, estate and crypto-currencies Turn


Dec 2017 - Mar 2018


- Development of the project concept
- Building the main business models
- Drawing up ICO Roadmap
- Preparation for сlosed presale

Jun 15 - Sep 15 2018



500 000 tokens, 0.02 ETH each

Presale is the round for all those who wished to take part in the Early presale but failed to make it. The funds raised will be used for the main round.

15 Sep - 30 Dec 2018



2 800 800 tokens, 0.03 ETH each

The main round. All funds collected within the framework of this round will be used according to the use of collected funds.

Sep 2018


- Conducting the vote on the choice of coworking format at selected locations
- Opening new GOODWORK spaces

Okt 2018


- Carrying out voting on the choice of the format of coworking in selected places
- Opening new GOODWORK spaces

Sep — Nov 2018

Running the first GOODWORK


Opening of the first GOODWORK spaces in one of the geographic features selected by the tokenholders.

Nov 2018



- Exit to the exchange
- The ability to sell tokens for ICO participants

Jan— Feb 2019

Running GoodNet and GoodCRM


- Integration of systems in all GOODWORK space
- Granting of a month of free use to all tokenholders and clients of coworkers GOODWORK




Thе project will launch an internal portal

GoodNet, containing information about residents and their

services, which will аllow:

resident rating

Find employees for project tasks

Conduct “safe transactions”


Registration of companies


For convenient interaction of teams distributed across different co-working centers, GOODWORK will provide a special CRM-system that allоws:

Improve employee performance

Uniting residents
in teams

Manage tasks and the progress of their implementation

Maintain a single client base of the project

Use file storage

Cooperate with other residents in joint projects




Area: Area: up to 100 м2

Work places: Work places: more than 10

Offices for rent: up to 2

WC, Kitchen


Area: Area: 100-200 м2

Work places: Work places: up to 20

Offices for rent: up to 5

WC, Kitchen, meeting room, reception


Area: Area: 300-800 м2

Work places: Work places: up to 50

Offices for rent: up to 15

WC, Kitchen, 3 meeting rooms, reception, lounge areas, conference hall


Area: Area: 800 - 3000 м2

Work places: Work places: up to 400

Offices for rent: up to 40

Reception, WCs, kitchens, meeting rooms, gym, lounge areas, conference halls

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